Anti-Spam Filter

Are you getting a lot of spam in your inbox? You may want to update your webmail spam filters.

Stanford uses a product called Proofpoint to scan email at the server level, on its way to your email inbox. Mail that it judges to be spam with 100% certainty will be filtered out automatically. Other questionable email is marked with a “spam score” in the subject line, showing how closely it matches patterns based on known spam. The score will be between one and four hashmarks, with four being the most likely: [SPAM:####]

You can set a filter in your email program so that suspected spam with a specific number of hashes be sent automatically to the “Junk” folder (or deleted immediately, though that may mean legitimate email could be deleted). If an email gets filtered out accidentally, you can configure your email program to let it through.

How to set a filter, for Stanford Webmail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Microsoft Outlook.

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